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At my house, as soon as the temperatures begin to drop, we listen compulsively to 50 Words for Snow by Kate Bush“Avalanche” is number six, pronounced a-va-lahnche (like the French, I believe). It is Prof. Joseph Yupik’s sixth word for snow.


Don’t you know it’s not just the Eskimo, sings Kate.


Let me hear your 50 words for snow.


So here it is, Lady. My first word for snow. The first of (I don’t know, maybe) multiple designs inspired by a bewitching work of musical and poetic genius.


Not a formal series or anything. Only the words for snow are so strange and simple and amazing, I can’t imagine not borrowing from their inspirational fount more than once.


pattern: my own

size: 34 (+ approx 1″ ease)

yarn: baa ram ewe Titus

colorway: coal

needles: US sizes 2, 3, 6

Here’s my project page. Test thread here. Pattern to be released hopefully in early February.


Dark afternoons, long nights, wintry cheer.~

Worked Myself Out From Under the

Avalanche! (Thanks for the joke, mum ;-)


Pattern can be purchased (+ more information) on Ravelry here or through my site here or by clicking here ~

So happy to send this lady off to greet the wide world. Spring just snuck up on me this year. All sorts of growing things have been clamoring for my attention.

Other projects are still on the needles, but (spring being knitting’s winter) progress may grow slower over the next few months. We’ll have to see…




[ I N T E R T I D A L ]

Balanced asymmetry from any perspective, whether a dynamic confluence or a quiet shift of color. The slight crop, boxy shape, ribbed details, and three-quarter sleeves keep it effortless.

See more photos here.

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[ L L O R O N A ]

A modern homage to the legendary Latin American ghost. The elongated silhouette and subtle asymmetry keep it elegant while a striking color combination brings the drama. Nostalgic embellishments – bobbles galore! – wink in the direction of a more traditional sensibility. Alpaca plus seed stitch ensure an exceptionally cozy drape whether worn long or wrapped double underneath a winter coat.

See more photos here.

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[ A V A L A N C H E ]  

Minimalist drama with a grunge sensibility. Scooped neckline, extra long sleeves, and rolled edges highlight the swooping rear hemline.

See more photos here.

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[ C H E L S E A   M O R N I N G ]

A block of color and a pocket set the playful mood of this simple and modern pullover. Oversized fit, bracelet sleeves, and a longer hem in the back make it fresh and easy to wear. 

 See more photos here.

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[ B O G O L A N ]

A series of reversible cowls inspired by West African bogolanfini (“mud cloth”) textiles. Mix and match colors and patterns to make it your own. 

All proceeds from the sale of this pattern will be donated to Women for Women International through (at least!) 2015.

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 courage 1

[ C O U R A G E ]

Stockinette rib on a field of reverse-stockinette mimics the appearance of exposed seams for the deconstructed look of these modern mitts. Worked inside-out for a pleasant and streamlined project. Unisex style in three sizes with two cuff-length options. 

See more photos here.

free download.