Boxy, Finally

One day a couple of weeks ago, I got a hankering to design. That’s why I got myself this little blog.

But I am a responsible knitter. I like to finish what I start. It keeps me feeling happy, and sane, and mildly in control of my addiction. So I had to get some other projects off my needles. First on my list was Boxy, a design by Joji Locatelli. Here is my Rav project page.

Boxy 1

I’d been working on Boxy since last winter. It involves a lot—like, a lot—of stockinette, and somewhere along the way I set it down without picking it back up. Sometimes that happens. It’s the closest I get to doing my duty, when I pick up a project like this and compel myself to finish. I am not, by nature, a duty-doer.

Boxy 2

But I’m so glad I finished, because it turned out really nice! (pardon the jaggy hem, gotta replace blocking wires.)

pattern: Boxy, by Joji Locatelli (seamless version)

size: 32/34 (for my 34″ self)

yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, about 3.8 skeins or 1560 yards

colorway: Smokestack

needles: sz 4 and sz 3

Boxy 3


  • added 3″ to body length.
  • added 1″ to arm length.
  • made the neckline wider. picked up 148 sts, knit 5 rnds with sz 4 needles, knit 4 rnds with sz 3 needles, bo knit-wise.

Boxy 4

The drape of the TML after blocking is gorgeous. I only hope it doesn’t pill too badly with wear. It is very comfy, and very soft, and very, very gray.

Boxy 5

So much draped merino makes one feel filthy rich and outrageously pampered, which is nice, especially when one is neither of those things.

Boxy 6

Also, it inspires one to brace oneself against a wall in a jazzy swoon, like the heroin from a neo-noir 80’s musical. It is quite a dramatic garment.

I love it and I love being finished with it.

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