Hane was an impulse cast-on.

It was a Monday. There was a party to go to on Sunday. I thought Hey, if I knit without stopping between now and Sunday, I can totally finish this in time!!! Yeah!!!

Hane 1


Hane 2

I did knit non-stop between Monday and Sunday. It was fun. It made my hands sore. It made me very happy.

Hane 3

But In the end, I did not finish in time. That’s okay. Now that I have finished, I love it. The design is truly inspired. The fabric is gritty and soft in the way that linen is gritty and soft. The finished piece is elegant and just a touch… grunge? All contradictory with itself. In a good way.

Hane 6

I am not a ruffles person, but this is a ruffle I can wear. Here is my project page.

pattern: Hane, by Kirsten Johnstone

size: 34

yarn: Shibui Knits Linen

colorway: Tar

needles: sz 3 and sz 6

Hane 5

No mods, knit to pattern. (I knit the optional i-cord edging around the armhole, it needed the added structure.)

I will say one thing about Shibui Linen. It is a chain-ply yarn, 100% linen. In places, the chain begins to unchain itself. Like a run in a stocking. Mildly alarming! Whenever this happened, I cut it off beyond the unchained bits. Didn’t fuss with the ends. Tried not to think about it. Wove them in like normal, and everything seems quite solid now. The resulting fabric is beautiful, so I’m ultimately happy with my yarn choice. I’d use it again.

Hane 7

Really pleased with this one. I guess I’ll wear it to the next party. Or maybe just when I’m grocery shopping. ;-)

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