Worked Myself Out From Under the

Avalanche! (Thanks for the joke, mum ;-)


Pattern can be purchased (+ more information) on Ravelry here or through my site here or by clicking here ~

So happy to send this lady off to greet the wide world. Spring just snuck up on me this year. All sorts of growing things have been clamoring for my attention.

Other projects are still on the needles, but (spring being knitting’s winter) progress may grow slower over the next few months. We’ll have to see…


Welsh Country

I finished these back in December, but I didn’t block them until recently. They look kind of sporty, like alpine sporty, don’t they? (I’ve been watching so much Olympic coverage!)


pattern: Welsh Country Stockings, by Nancy Bush

size: one size

yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Sport

colorways: mink heather, cobblestone heather, black, white

needles: sz 1

I have to admit – I did not enjoy knitting these. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn knit with sz 1 needles, so that’s what I used. But I will never use such fat yarn with such small needles again. Especially for fair isle work, and especially with metal DPNs! It was a pain. Literally. In my fingers.


The resulting fabric is quite stiff and (I hope, since I’ve read that this yarn has a tendency to pill) sturdy. Not very much stretch, so it’s difficult to get them up over my heels. And the heels don’t mold to my foot quite as well as I’d like. But in the end…


I love how they came out. I modified the pattern by adding more repeats of the fair isle motif, including at the toe, and a few extra stripes and blocks. Other than that, I worked them as written.


Next time I’d use fingering weight yarn, and maybe try to remedy those jogs up the back, and also reduce the calf shaping – I have skinny calves. But for winter wear, in boots or in clogs, ice skates or skis, these will do me just fine. :-)

Winter Work

It’s not truly winter until the yellow-bellied sapsucker shows up. Always around Christmas we begin to see her. She’s a constant visitor until mid-February or so.


She taps row after row of holes into the bark of the pear trees. She tends them constantly so that they don’t harden up, and then she sips at the tree sap. It doesn’t harm the tree, so far as I can tell.


This is Oskari. I have been working downstairs near the wood stove because it has been so cold, so he misses our days together in the (his) atelier. I went in to shoot some pictures of my works-in-progress and he participated. His expressions can be hard for strangers to read. I think it’s because he’s mostly black. This (above) is his coy face.


The project is a cardigan and he really likes it. He likes being close to things that are of me, things that I work on or things that I love. Can you tell? This is his lovey face.


Then Arfinn crash bombed the picture party. So this is Oskari’s resigned-to-being-put-out face. He is a good mommy to the kittens, really knows how to pin them down for a thorough bath, but he highly values his Oskari time.


I hope to finish the cardigan in a week or two, depending on my answer to the perennial knitter’s question – to pocket, or not to pocket. Also, the design still needs a name.


I finally ordered sock blockers in the mail, but they are not here yet, so I have one completed pair of socks that remains crumpled and unpresentable. But then I cast on for a new pair – another Nancy Bush pattern. It is a nicer gauge to work with (fingering weight yarn on 2.75mm needles), so the knitting is more pleasant.


Chelsea Morning was featured in a great post over on Book Riot (by Rachel a.k.a. bananasuit) that pairs up audiobooks with knitting projects. As an avid audiobook listener (seriously, I can’t even start writing about audiobooks, this would turn into a different blog), I’m keen to try out a few of her suggestions!

I donated our latest Bogolan funds to Women for Women International. It always feels good to complete this task. Here’s our tally so far:

  • October 15, 2013 – $260 donated.
  • November 1, 2013 – $101.38 donated.
  • December 2, 2013 – $118.12 donated.
  • January 31, 2014 – $164.92 donated.
  • TOTAL to date – $644.42 donated to Women for Women International.

As always, I am so grateful to everyone who has contributed by purchasing the Bogolan pattern!


Wishing you well in your own winter work~

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