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Chelsea Morning and Color Freedom


I’m very pleased to announce that Chelsea Morning is – at long last – officially published! The pattern may be purchased on Ravelry here, or also here, or even by clicking this little button:


One of my testers asked me about color recommendations for Chelsea Morning, and it got me thinking. About what makes me like a color, what makes me like two colors together, and color in general.

Something that excites me about Chelsea Morning is that it allows knitters to play freely with color sense. Chelsea Morning has a simple shape that features a block of color. To work, color blocks (unlike stripes or fair isle) do not require two very different colors, or colors with very different values (lightness / darkness). Color blocks can use similar colors that play upon each others’ subtle differences. Weird colors – just like weird people! – will come alive when placed next to a good partner. And uncolorful colors – like two greys, for example – can become dynamic off-greys when placed together, each highlighting the other’s temperature and undertones. There is a whole dialectic of color to explore, and that just makes me feel free.

Some examples of color freedom –


Mark Rothko.


Mark Rothko.


“Rain (Study)”, Agnes Martin.

agnes martin praise

“Praise”,  Agnes Martin.

Untitled #5 1994 by Agnes Martin 1912-2004

Also Agnes Martin.  I don’t know what it’s called.

I’ve got multiple knitting projects on my needles and a donation update to write, but I’m afraid these things will have to wait until later. :-)

Be well~

A Gray Monday in December

gray day

I love gray days. We’ve been having them here, and the weather got very cold for the Thanksgiving holiday. Perfect for sitting near the fire. Now it has warmed up, but it is still gray outside. I saw two hawks this morning from my studio window.

One thing I was thankful for this year – That I have been so, so busy.

Chelsea Morning blooper, feat. Timo

Chelsea Morning blooper, feat. Timo


Every morning I wake up to see if my beautiful and diligent test knitters have discovered any new problems with Chelsea Morning. I didn’t realize the test knitting process would be quite like this, simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying! I am so thankful that they’re taking the time to help make it perfect. I’m hoping to release the pattern sometime around the new year.


boho in progress

I’ve been working on a new design, as well. Using a wonderful yarn – Baa Ram Ewe Titus. A nice halo. It feels lovely, almost silken, passing through my fingers onto needles. Good thing, too, since I have been waffling on a couple of design details. Which means knitting and tinking and knitting. A fair amount of work in exchange for a fair amount of knitterly wisdom.


welsh sock progress

Annnnnnd socks! For relaxation, I have forced strongly encouraged myself to knit some socks. A pair of folk socks, no less. Having fun with these, messing about with the pattern to make them a bit more exciting. That is, mucking up their perfect simplicity. Oops.

Last but not least, I have been busy with Bogolan. I taught two classes at the Haus this past month (one session remains, this Thurs). I could not have asked for a lovelier group of women to be my first official knitting students (knitting students / test subjects!). I was kind of nervous about teaching knitting. I am no toughened expert on fair isle, just a self-taught upstart who tackles problems head-on (with the generous assistance of Mrs. Google and her crafting buddy, Youtube). I ended up really enjoying it. I’ve always been a reclusive knitter, and although I can’t imagine that will change anytime soon, I do already miss my Bogolan ladies!


This month’s donation to Women for Women made it out today, and for this I am especially thankful. Here’s our tally so far:

  • October 15, 2013 – $260 donated.
  • November 1, 2013 – $101.38 donated.
  • December 2, 2013 – $118.12 donated.
  • TOTAL to date – $479.50 donated to Women for Women International.

Advent has come and we’re putting up lights. We’ll get a tree this week. I love living with a tree for a month every year. It fills the house with spirit. If it wasn’t so expensive, I’d buy more than one.

gray day 2


Stay warm. ~

Woke up, it was a…

…finished sweater!

There was milk and toast and honey / And a bowl of oranges, too /


And the sun poured in like butterscotch /


And stuck to all my senses //


Oh won’t you stay /


We’ll put on the day /


And we’ll talk in present tenses //


Oversized fit + drop shoulders + bracelet sleeves + modern hem shape. I am so pleased. And the yarn is so good(Project page here.) 

pattern: my own

size: 34″ bust with approx. 12″ ease

yarn: Isager Spinni Wool 1, held double

colorway: 7s (wheat) and 39s (I call it electric shrimp :))

needles: sz 7 and sz 5

So I’m writing up a pattern. Soon it’ll be ready for test knitters. With gratitude to my lovely testers, the test group is full!



(Lyrics are from “Chelsea Morning” by Joni Mitchell.)