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Introducing… my first pattern! Huzzah!

courage 1


Stockinette rib on a field of reverse-stockinette mimics the appearance of exposed seams for the deconstructed look of these modern mitts. Worked inside-out for a pleasant and streamlined project. Unisex style in three sizes with two cuff-length options.

Yes, that’s right. Courage is unisex.

courage 4

(Man had just come down from Ladder, naturally.) My project pages are here and here.

Back to the lady version…

courage 2

I learned so much in the process of working out this design. I can’t even remember everything I learned.

pattern: Courage, by Elizabeth Davis (me!)

size: M for me / L for him

yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK / Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

colorway: French Grey / Meteorite

needles: sz 6

I learned: To bring something into being from your imagination takes courage. To unravel, rethink, and rework, in knitting and in life, takes profound courage. To share something with the world that you’ve made yourself takes another kind of courage. (I know it takes courage, because it makes me pretty nervous!) Hence the name of my first design, Courage.

Also they look a bit like armor, which should grant the wearer a bit of—you guessed it—Courage.

courage 6

These would make a really excellent gift. Give him the gift of Courage.

courage 3

Cats like them a lot.

courae 11

 And oh, they look really good with my new baby pumpkin! (that I grew myself OMG how did that happen???)

The pattern is available for download through Ravelry, but you can also download it directly. Please let me know if you find any mistakes, since it’s my first pattern. If you can’t tell, I’m really excited about these. Thanks for sharing this special moment with me. :)


Hane was an impulse cast-on.

It was a Monday. There was a party to go to on Sunday. I thought Hey, if I knit without stopping between now and Sunday, I can totally finish this in time!!! Yeah!!!

Hane 1


Hane 2

I did knit non-stop between Monday and Sunday. It was fun. It made my hands sore. It made me very happy.

Hane 3

But In the end, I did not finish in time. That’s okay. Now that I have finished, I love it. The design is truly inspired. The fabric is gritty and soft in the way that linen is gritty and soft. The finished piece is elegant and just a touch… grunge? All contradictory with itself. In a good way.

Hane 6

I am not a ruffles person, but this is a ruffle I can wear. Here is my project page.

pattern: Hane, by Kirsten Johnstone

size: 34

yarn: Shibui Knits Linen

colorway: Tar

needles: sz 3 and sz 6

Hane 5

No mods, knit to pattern. (I knit the optional i-cord edging around the armhole, it needed the added structure.)

I will say one thing about Shibui Linen. It is a chain-ply yarn, 100% linen. In places, the chain begins to unchain itself. Like a run in a stocking. Mildly alarming! Whenever this happened, I cut it off beyond the unchained bits. Didn’t fuss with the ends. Tried not to think about it. Wove them in like normal, and everything seems quite solid now. The resulting fabric is beautiful, so I’m ultimately happy with my yarn choice. I’d use it again.

Hane 7

Really pleased with this one. I guess I’ll wear it to the next party. Or maybe just when I’m grocery shopping. ;-)

Boxy, Finally

One day a couple of weeks ago, I got a hankering to design. That’s why I got myself this little blog.

But I am a responsible knitter. I like to finish what I start. It keeps me feeling happy, and sane, and mildly in control of my addiction. So I had to get some other projects off my needles. First on my list was Boxy, a design by Joji Locatelli. Here is my Rav project page.

Boxy 1

I’d been working on Boxy since last winter. It involves a lot—like, a lot—of stockinette, and somewhere along the way I set it down without picking it back up. Sometimes that happens. It’s the closest I get to doing my duty, when I pick up a project like this and compel myself to finish. I am not, by nature, a duty-doer.

Boxy 2

But I’m so glad I finished, because it turned out really nice! (pardon the jaggy hem, gotta replace blocking wires.)

pattern: Boxy, by Joji Locatelli (seamless version)

size: 32/34 (for my 34″ self)

yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, about 3.8 skeins or 1560 yards

colorway: Smokestack

needles: sz 4 and sz 3

Boxy 3


  • added 3″ to body length.
  • added 1″ to arm length.
  • made the neckline wider. picked up 148 sts, knit 5 rnds with sz 4 needles, knit 4 rnds with sz 3 needles, bo knit-wise.

Boxy 4

The drape of the TML after blocking is gorgeous. I only hope it doesn’t pill too badly with wear. It is very comfy, and very soft, and very, very gray.

Boxy 5

So much draped merino makes one feel filthy rich and outrageously pampered, which is nice, especially when one is neither of those things.

Boxy 6

Also, it inspires one to brace oneself against a wall in a jazzy swoon, like the heroin from a neo-noir 80’s musical. It is quite a dramatic garment.

I love it and I love being finished with it.

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