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Worked Myself Out From Under the

Avalanche! (Thanks for the joke, mum ;-)


Pattern can be purchased (+ more information) on Ravelry here or through my site here or by clicking here ~

So happy to send this lady off to greet the wide world. Spring just snuck up on me this year. All sorts of growing things have been clamoring for my attention.

Other projects are still on the needles, but (spring being knitting’s winter) progress may grow slower over the next few months. We’ll have to see…


Chelsea Morning and Color Freedom


I’m very pleased to announce that Chelsea Morning is – at long last – officially published! The pattern may be purchased on Ravelry here, or also here, or even by clicking this little button:


One of my testers asked me about color recommendations for Chelsea Morning, and it got me thinking. About what makes me like a color, what makes me like two colors together, and color in general.

Something that excites me about Chelsea Morning is that it allows knitters to play freely with color sense. Chelsea Morning has a simple shape that features a block of color. To work, color blocks (unlike stripes or fair isle) do not require two very different colors, or colors with very different values (lightness / darkness). Color blocks can use similar colors that play upon each others’ subtle differences. Weird colors – just like weird people! – will come alive when placed next to a good partner. And uncolorful colors – like two greys, for example – can become dynamic off-greys when placed together, each highlighting the other’s temperature and undertones. There is a whole dialectic of color to explore, and that just makes me feel free.

Some examples of color freedom –


Mark Rothko.


Mark Rothko.


“Rain (Study)”, Agnes Martin.

agnes martin praise

“Praise”,  Agnes Martin.

Untitled #5 1994 by Agnes Martin 1912-2004

Also Agnes Martin.  I don’t know what it’s called.

I’ve got multiple knitting projects on my needles and a donation update to write, but I’m afraid these things will have to wait until later. :-)

Be well~


At my house, as soon as the temperatures begin to drop, we listen compulsively to 50 Words for Snow by Kate Bush“Avalanche” is number six, pronounced a-va-lahnche (like the French, I believe). It is Prof. Joseph Yupik’s sixth word for snow.


Don’t you know it’s not just the Eskimo, sings Kate.


Let me hear your 50 words for snow.


So here it is, Lady. My first word for snow. The first of (I don’t know, maybe) multiple designs inspired by a bewitching work of musical and poetic genius.


Not a formal series or anything. Only the words for snow are so strange and simple and amazing, I can’t imagine not borrowing from their inspirational fount more than once.


pattern: my own

size: 34 (+ approx 1″ ease)

yarn: baa ram ewe Titus

colorway: coal

needles: US sizes 2, 3, 6

Here’s my project page. Test thread here. Pattern to be released hopefully in early February.


Dark afternoons, long nights, wintry cheer.~

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