World Happiness Dance Redux

yes, again

yes, again

Nestled in my last post was a note on new EU VAT laws and how they affect my pattern selling modes. Way back then (LOL 4 days ago), I wrote that Plainstitch patterns would be available through LoveKnitting. They still are, and I still think LoveKnitting is great for offering the Ravelry community a way out of a tight spot. But I am finding LK to have a significant publishing time lag for new patterns (read: my new darling Intertidal). The inconvenience this has caused to EU knitters is not cool. So, I’ve changed my plans and my Ravelry shop settings.

For EU members, the Ravelry pattern page will now show a “buy now” link to the pattern at my shiny new payhip store. Payhip calculates/collects EU VAT, accepts paypal, and does not require you to register with their site. All these seem like very good things.

It may be I’m biased because its new, but I rather like my payhip store. It is simple and uncluttered and I hope that it will be an okay solution, perhaps even a long term one, to this whole VATmess.

Of course, knitters from anywhere in the world may always email me to discuss a person-to-person transaction. There’s something kind of cozy about the old way of doing things, anyway. :-)

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